Sunday, September 1, 2013

Time Is On My Side

I threw the big tennis ball up the front hallway. The tall ceiling-ed, wood floored, wide beautiful long hallway.  Lola ran forward, sprinting and jumping and lurching.  She would grab the ball, then chase me with it.  I would freeze, jump, make a weird noise with my mouth, and then she would run and I would chase her.  Up and down that beautiful, one hundred and fifteen year old hallway.   It was just like being in the yard, no better!  Air conditioning and no mosquitoes.

We needed to get used to the idea anyway.  Construction will be starting any day on the McMansion that is being built nine feet away from our house, leaving us little more than the hallway for a yard around my beautiful princess house.  I wish I could pick it up and transport it somewhere safe. 

The parents filed by at the high school on curriculum night.  I saw parents from my old elementary school.  Some, former co-workers from the school that had moved so that their kids could attend the lauded school system I work in now.  Some of these parents had worked at my old school even before their kids attended it.  They had always literally been side by side with their kids on a daily basis and were able to exert influence in a way that only a person that worked at their child's school can.  They looked wide-eyed, almost timid as the walked the hallways.  In some ways reveling in the autonomy of being just another parent, but in other ways, almost intimidated by being another face in the crowd. A parent's first day at school. 

The fifth graders would not shut up.  I was getting frustrated.  I had warned them several times that the game would stop if they couldn't control themselves.

I guess the weren't telling me to fuck off like one of the high school kids did the other day, without administrative repercussion.  Or the one that walked out of class when I told him to put his cell phone away.  "You pay my bill?" he asked, walking out of the door and not returning.  Without repercussion. Nothing I can't handle.  But I dreamed that that kid dragged me by the arm down the hallway, physically menacing me, like I was a child.  Maybe flashbacks to my first year of teaching, when the kids did whatever they wanted and I was always to blame. 
"I am going to be late to the high school...," I warned in an attempt to get them quiet.  I wanted to finish the game with them, but did not want to cut into my time at the high school. I felt a little arm wrap around my shoulder and pat my back.

"It will be okay," Jonathon stated blankly, staring me in the eyes.  Jonathon, my new favorite Aspie.  He took the string that holds my keys and school ID from around his neck and handed them to me.

"You are two minutes over your allotted time here".