Sunday, June 16, 2013

Governor's Ball

I stood in the ankle deep mud, retching. It smelled like shit, real shit, horse shit.  My gag reflex could not take it.  The rain poured down.  Yet when the Vaccines came on, it all seemed worth it.

I sat in class in Atlanta, mud still splattered on my legs and crusted under my toe and finger nails.  I free-styled a presentation for the Ed.S. program I am in.  I got a hundred on it. I caught a six AM flight from New York to make it to class on time that day.  I was still late.  I'm kind of late for everything. 

I am feeling this summer.  Oddly.  I am not going anywhere exotic.  Am not leaving the country for the first summer in seven odd years.  I am not even driving to the west coast.   I went to New York for the first time in years and remembered all of the beautiful reasons I love that giant sized city.  And now, I go to school eight hours a day, three days a week.  After class, Lola and I sit on a blanket in the yard while I spread out my articles and books and write papers on my computer. She plays and runs, then sprawls out next to me to relax while I read and write. 

It is strangely stimulating and gives me a sense of purpose that I did not expect. 
I am content.